S.E.A.L.S. (Serving Everyone As Living Sacrifices) are men that desire to encourage each other to live life by Godly principles as instructed by God's Word and exampled by Jesus Christ. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month for food, friendship, encouragement and instruction from gifted guest speakers. All men are welcome! Topical challenges and special events aid in developing our Core Values which are:

Training and Discipline
We value being trained in the disciplines of godliness by God’s Word and by godly mentors who are followers of Jesus Christ and have the desire to train others.

A Band of Brothers
We value intentional relationships and desire to become a “band of brothers” that trust each other, confess to each other, exhort one another and carry each other’s burdens. We want to encourage one another and have a blast hanging out together.

Committed to the Commander
We value Jesus Christ as our saving Lord and Leader. We strive to be counter cultural men with our hearts set on things above and on the Master Jesus Christ and not the things of this world.

Leading Servants
We value the transformation of men from the self-centered life to a servant-hearted focus. Jesus exampled his leadership as a self sacrificing servant, we will endeavor to do the same.

***  Bring a dish to share and come enjoy some fellowship with other christian men on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.***
Rob Gray