Building for the Church... Building for the Community... Building for the Future

A New Adventure Begins:

In May the membership of GBC unanimously voted to list our current properties for sale and to begin the process raising funds to build a new facility on our property on the corner of Washington and East Maryland. After receiving input from the members in several of our meetings the building team is going forward with our architects to develop a new building that will meet the needs of our church and  community for many years to come.


The Vision:

The hope and goal for the new building is  not to build a church, as the people of GBC are the church and Christ is the One who builds the church (Matt. 16:18), and He has been building up our body for many years. The vision is that this building will be a multi-user space that can be used by Christ’s church. 

It will be a building for the church: It will be a place where the entire body of GBC can come together for a meal or a service. It will be a place where our children and adults can be under the same roof during services and Life Groups. It will be a place where the elderly and disabled will not be hampered by flights of stairs and a cramped entry way. It will be a place where we can host banquets, weddings, funerals, conferences, concerts, recitals and sporting events. Every square foot of the building and property will beusefully designed as an effective tool for worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and evangelism.

It will be a building for the community:  Laurel lacks an event venue with large meeting rooms that are available to rent for community events and functions. Many of the large church buildings in our country sit vacant the majority of the week. This seems like a shame! The vision for our new building is that it will be a community hub,a gathering place, that can be rented for meetings, conferences, banquets, dinners, recitals, sporting practices and all kinds of events. Renting the facility will both serve our community and enable us to cultivate relationships, building familiarity with unbelievers in our community. That way, when we invite our friends and neighbors to church services, they will hopefully come to a building they will be familiar with. Our multi-purpose auditorium will function as a beautiful worship center and large meeting room for various activities. The kitchen and peripheral rooms are being designed to serve both the church and the community!


It will be a building for the future: With  a design of over 12,000 square feet and being able to seat 442+ people, the new building will meet the needs of our current congregation and give us room to grow. It will be situated on our property in a way that will allow for two additional expansions to accommodate for the growth of our church body; one expansion for more classrooms and offices and one for a new worship center! Our current building has served us well for over 50 years, and our future building will give us the opportunity to grow and minister for many more!