South America Mission

Our vision is to see the Church of Jesus Christ established so that thousands of local, witnessing communities of believers are maturing in their own knowledge and faith, while working to ensure that everyone in South America has multiple opportunities to hear a clear, meaningful and persuasive presentation of the gospel from within their own ethnic or social group.
We believe that South America must be won to Christ by South Americans and that the only way there will be enough witnessing believers to fulfill the vision is through the discipling and training of local Christians that God is placing in leadership in the churches.

We must focus most of our resources on the discipling and training of leaders from within those churches who will in turn repeat the process until growing, witnessing churches are multiplied across the continent. We believe that especially in the early stages, leaders are best developed in the context in which they will minister.

We emphasize smaller, highly contextualized, local training programs which provide theological education as an essential part of the larger process of leadership development. We believe that while Biblical leadership requires knowledge and skills, it is ultimately based on character. We believe that there is no substitute for relationships in developing character.

We are committed to structured discipleship models which faithfully and effectively impart knowledge of the Bible while facilitating teacher-disciple relationships in the context of life and ministry.


Prayer Requests for our Team in Brazil:

  • For daughter who is responsible for child care during TIB (Indigenous Bible Translation)
  • For daughter returning to Nursing school Feb. 6th
  • The new graduates as they seek the Lord regarding their future.
  • Students in the villages that they will remain spiritually strong and not give in to temptation.
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual stamina for this school year.
  • Implementation and adaptation of the association of Ammi teachers.
  • That God would send more staff to help at Ammi.
  • Finances for students to travel to school and their monthly room and board payments.
  • The Ammi Training Center's financial needs.
  • That God would send the students HE wants to come to Ammi.
  • Ammi staff spiritual growth and maturity.
  • Financial needs for all Ammi missionaries.