The Gospel Project

Facilitators:  Various Teachers

Who: Children in grades K-6

Location:  The Annex

Time: During first service (9:00) on Sunday

Overview by The Gospel Project:

 Some people see the Bible as a collection of stories with morals for life application.  But it is so much more than that.  Sure the Bible has some stories in it, but it is also full of poetry, history, codes of law and civilization, songs, prophecy, letters--even a love letter.  When you tie it all together, something remarkable happens.  A story is revealed.  One story.  The story of redemption through Jesus.

The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered curriculum that examines the grand narrative of Scripture and how the Gospel transforms the lives of those it touches.

Parents:  Your children will come home with a card to help start up family discussion from the day's lesson.


Pastor Jesse Sauskojus, Pastor of Student Ministries