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Grace Bible Church's Children’s Ministry 
Our Vision:  We want children of ALL AGES to love and cherish Jesus Christ as the only One who saves and satisfies the desires of the heart and to set their hope in God. We want to share Jesus to our babies and to our kids in such a way that they know without a doubt He is real, He is the ONLY way to heaven, and He is FOR THEM! We want our kids to know that Jesus is our very best friend and our walk with Christ is an ongoing thing. He pours in to and takes hold of every part of our lives. He forgives us daily, He makes us new daily. He guides us, leads us, and walks with us every second of every day. We want our kids to see how God cares about EVERY detail, big or small, in our lives. Because of this personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe, our Savior, our kids will have no other choice but to live for Him and in turn bring others to Him. We want to show our kids what a life centered on Christ looks like through our worship, our Gospel-driven, Bible-saturated, Christ-centered lessons.  We strive to do this in a safe, loving and fun environment.
Our Values:
Gospel-driven lessons that are relevant to children now.
Every lesson, example and activity is relevant to children in their lives now. Being relevant means helping kids see that the Good News of God’s Word is written FOR THEM and can be applied to every one of them. Each Sunday, EVERY Sunday, we will present the Gospel to the kids. We will be clear enough in our Gospel presentation that they leave knowing without a doubt God sent Jesus, to pay for our sins (Past, present and future!), to die on the cross for us, defeated satan, rose again defeating death, and assures us that when we believe in Him as our Savior, we too will live eternally with Him in heaven! We will strive to make sure they understand that no sin is greater than another in Jesus eyes, there is NO sin he hasn’t already paid for! We want our kids to understand that if they were the ONLY ONE in the world who sinned, God still would have sent Jesus to die for them because He loves them that much! Jesus said to let the little children come to Me, so we believe this pertains to our infants and toddlers as well. We will talk to the kids, holding our babies, telling them how much Jesus loves them. We will sing with them, read the Bible stories provided to them. God’s Word does not return void! It will do what God has purposed it to do!!
Teaching the Bible accurately and creatively
In every room, from Nursery to 12th Grade, we want kids fascinated with God and His Word. We want them so amazed at Who He is that they can’t wait to learn more. We want to share God’s Word with our kids in a way that keeps them coming back for more…fully in awe of God’s plan for us from before the creation of the world. Here at Grace Bible Church, we believe that in order to teach the Bible as accurately as possible and in a creative way, we, as teachers, need to be constantly and fully immersed in God's Word! 
Prayer time is a necessary part of our walk with Christ
It is not optional. Praying to our Father in Heaven is our faith in action! Part of our Sunday morning schedule will be committed to talking about what prayer is, the importance of prayer, and spent praying with the kids! We want to show our kids that God cares about EVERY detail. We will take prayer requests. We will talk about how prayer brings us right into the presence of God. God grants us a private audience! Out of all the people crying out to Him every second of every day…He hears ME, He hears little James, He hears little Emma! God ALWAYS answers our prayers…not always how we think He should, but we trust Him. His answers are Yes, no, or wait…but there is NEVER a time He ignores us when we come to the Father through Jesus!
Intentional Caring of Children through Smaller Environments
We are here to mentor, to lead, to equip, to get to know the kids of our church body! This means showing them Christ. We want to model Christ like behavior to them. As teachers, we will strive to be excited in our faith walk, to be humble, and to be bold! We will make every effort to get to know the kids we are teaching, to be active in their lives, and to make a point to know what’s going on in their lives. We’ve made a commitment to teach these kids to grow closer in their walk with Christ, so we look forward to getting to know them. We want to be someone they can approach during the week or outside of class, while encouraging the kids to live their faith outside of your classroom!
Keeping Children Safe; Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically
We want GBC to be a safe place for our kids. Our kids cannot learn in an environment where they do not feel safe. It is our job to create a that environment within our classrooms. Background checks will be performed on all those who are new to the program. On Sunday mornings, when our kids come into our classrooms, we will invite them in warmly, making sure the parents are very comfortable leaving their children in that classroom, and making an effort to connect to each child. We will encourage children to search for and give answers, even if hesitant because they don’t know if it’s correct or not. We will strive to recognize, especially as more and more families are fostering within our church body, that our kids are coming to us from ALL different walks of life. Some have been through very hard things. What makes sense to us won’t necessarily make sense to them, and their reactions will not always fall with the “normal” spectrum. With every child, we will be gracious, loving, gentle, and encouraging. We will work hard to keep Jesus always before us and to model Him to our kids. 
Throughout this year, from our Preschool class to our 12th Graders, we will be adopting at least 3 missionary families and singing in church at least 2 times Christmas and Palm Sunday.
To All Our Parents: Thank you so much for entrusting your child(ren) with us! We look forward to teaching them each Sunday. We are so excited to share with them our Savior's love which was so deep, He died for us as well as our love for a Savior who knew us before He created the stars.  If you have any questions about what your child(ren) are learning, please contact Alicia Wold at 406-628-4978.