Children's Ministry Preschoolers

If your child is currently potty trained and is not in Kindergarten yet, stop on by! Each Sunday, our teachers spend time sharing with our Preschoolers just how much Jesus loves them and He is FOR them. Every Sunday, we pray with our kids, teaching them we can come boldly before our Father in Heaven, through Jesus, and ask and tell Him ANYTHING! We teach our kids how God cares about EVERY detail. We share the Gospel with them and our Bible Stories come to life through beautiful Flannel Graph. If you peek in during class you may see us dancing crazily and singing praises! 


If you would like a chance to sit in on one of these classes, please bring your child and feel free to do so! If you have any questions, please contact Alicia Wold at 694-2192 or 628-4978.

Alicia Wold, Children's Ministry Coordinator
Phone:406-628-4978 or 406-694-2192