Babes and Tots

Our Nursery is more than just a play time area! We have a blast teaching our infants and toddlers about Jesus and digging into His Word through our beautiful Flannel Graph Presentations. From our littlest to our oldest, our kids are in awe as they watch the story unfold before their eyes. In each class session, we pray with and for our kids, we share a Bible Story, we present the Gospel, and we sing and dance to some crazy awesome Action Bible songs. Children cooperating...our Babes and Tots will some mornings head into our Preschool room for singing and Bible Story time and enjoy participating with the big kids. 

If you have any questions pertaining to our Children's Ministry or if you have children that would like to be a part of this awesome time, please get a hold of Alicia Wold.




Alicia Wold, Children's Ministry Coordinator